Providing Shelter and Support

The Pearl Safe Haven provides holistic therapeutic support and safe housing to women and children escaping domestic and family violence in Accra and surrounding regions. We welcome all women regardless of age, financial situation, religion, background or nationality.

The Pearl Safe Haven offers on-site accommodation for up to three months followed by in-community monitoring and support.  The women are provided medical, psychological and legal support, and life-skills and vocational training to ensure they have a successful reintegration into society. They will be monitored and supported when they leave the centre.  The safe haven is in a secure location in greater Accra.  The Pearl Safe Haven is working in close association with all relevant Ghanaian authorities to provide a quality, sustainable service.  Women will be referred to the shelter by the Ghana Police Domestic Violence Victim Support Unit (DOVVSU) and we will work closely with the Department of Social Welfare, and coalition partners including Obaapa Development, WISE and WILDAF Ghana, to ensure a successful outcome for our clients.

Empowerment and Advocacy  

A primary reason for violence against women in Ghana is cultural. Culture within the family setting, religious setting and the traditional setting that often predetermines a women’s place and expected conduct.  

Women are taught to be silent, submissive and to forgive. Culture is a primary contributor to the shame and silence around domestic violence that too often prevents women seeking and receiving support and that too often protects abusers from being appropriately sanctioned.  

The Pearl team is committed to work with its partners to educate and empower local communities about gender based violence. It is important that both men and women are educated about domestic violence, abuse and rape to clear up misconceptions surrounding what violence is and what it is not. We are committed to working to ensure all women and girls are safe, valued and respected in their communities.

Safe Place Mobile Application

We have developed a mobile application to provide 24-hour support for survivors or people in the community needing assistance related to domestic violence, abuse, or rape. The integrated hotline will enable survivors to contact the Ghana Police/DOVVSU for emergency assistance or other forms of support.

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Innovation & Best Practices

We seek to apply economic, operational and environmental sustainability practices to help ensure we are mindful of our environmental impact in the communities in which we operate; our operations, projects, and initiatives are planned and executed effectively and; we utilize donor and partner contributions wisely in executing our mission.

Economic & Environmental Sustainability Farming:
We are in discussions for 3 acres farmland on which we will grow produce to feed our residents. We intend to sell any excess produce to fund ongoing operational costs (e.g. utilities, staff salaries, etc.).

Water: We received a borehole from our premier partner, Geodrill, and are in discussions on setting up a small water distillery which can be used for our residents as well as selling in the local community (through a third party) to fund ongoing operational costs.

Bakery: We are currently in discussions with partners to donate equipment and/or skills training for a bakery.

Waste Management: We seek to adopt “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle” waste hierarchy at the Safe Haven and have been provided with a bio-digester to help with our waste management.

Energy: We received a donation from Wilkins Engineering and will have solar-powered energy in order to limit our reliance on ECG.

Water: We received support from Geodrill to build a borehole donations from the Mohinani Group for tanks for storage to ensure an efficient consumption of water.

Facility Design: The building’s architectural design promotes the use of natural light and air which limits energy consumption of the building.

Operational Sustainability: With Accountability and Sustainability as two of our core values, our board and management team is committed to ensuring we leverage our extensive experience in financial management, project management, business development, operations management and development to this regard.