Survivor Story

Survivor Story Of A Woman & Her Children, June 2020

Survivor Story Of A Woman & Her Children, June 2020

The Pearl Safe Haven received an email from a lady who was reaching out on behalf of a survivor she had been trying to help, the case had been reported to the police but no action had been taken. The survivor is located in Kumasi with children and was fleeing from her violent husband. We were contacted via our website with the request for counsel and aid in getting the survivor a place to stay and some capital to start a small business to enable her to feed herself and her kids. Unfortunately with the Safe Haven still in the construction phase, we were unable to offer immediate housing support but rested for the survivor’s contact information so we could reach out to her. The Pearl Safe Haven also sent the DOVVSU hotline to the lady so they could report the issue again. Our team reached out to Queen Awindor,  founder of the Obaapa Development Foundation who has reached out to the lady and will be meeting with her on Wednesday, June 10, 2020.

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