How To End Misconduct

How To End Misconduct

The article on “sex for grades” exposed a misconduct that is not specifically limited to any one country or continent. Opening the dialogue to speak about this “dirty little secret” and what people will do to get where they need to go, will open the conversation and hopefully prevent misconduct in the future.

To help ensure this misconduct is prevented and any forms of harassment, attempted abuse or abuse are reported in places such as universities, schools, religious institutions and workplaces, systems have to be implemented to ensure that there is anonymity when sharing a complaint, as many people do not know how to proceed when they are abused or who to trust to tell their story.

There needs to be a structure that is independently managed where complaints can be sent and the people who send them in are protected. We need legal action to be taken against the perpetrators in a timely manner, with the correct court proceedings based on actual evidence. We need to prioritise domestic violence in order to end the stigma and showcase the actions that are brought against the abusers. Access to information and education is vital in empowering people especially victims, this will assist in people knowing their rights and how to proceed should they be abused and where they can seek help. We need a safe place in society where survivors of abuse can heal. This healing is a long process and may include many mental, emotional, physical and sexual scars.

The Pearl Safe Haven is hoping to achieve this by helping those who are vulnerable in their situations of abuse and building a safe place for victims without fear of judgement, shame and stigma.

Remember being abused is never your fault. Love does not hit or hurt you and help is readily available.

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