Empowering Girls, Empowers the Community, Empowers the Future.

Empowering Girls, Empowers the Community, Empowers the Future.

Friday the 11th October is International Girl Child Day. This year the theme developed and carried on from last year by UNICEF is “GirlForce: Unscripted and Unstoppable”.

This movement gives recognition to girls around the world and their utmost importance to society and their communities. This recognition of girls, as more than an object without a say, has shone the light on the issues girls face. How we as a collective society can put a stop to child marriage, ensure girls get the chance to have an education like their male counterparts and stand up against gender- based violence and abuse.

Girls today are being given more chance to aspire to have equal hopes and dreams, they can dream to be a Country’s President or anything they choose to be. Girls are pursuing their dreams and aspirations not just by hoping but by actively pursuing them. UNICEF has reported that the statistics worldwide show more girls are attending and completing school. Less girls, who are children themselves, are getting married and having children. Girls today are working to shatter the glass ceilings placed above them and thus proving that there are no boundaries that girls cannot break posed by the stereotypes of what a girl can or cannot do.

This International Girl Child Day is recognizing that girls can be whatever they chose to be. They can be entrepreneurs, doctors, or operate in any other field they choose too. They can create their own path that is relevant to who they are and lead the way for future generations where girls can achieve without prejudice or judgement. Therefore, as a community we need to try create more ways for girl’s voices to be heard and expressed and allow safe places for girls to participate in decision making.

Empowering our girls, empowers the community and empowers the future.

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