A New Decade to Eradicate Abuse against Women

A New Decade to Eradicate Abuse against Women

The start of the new year and a new decade has brought a new prospective on abuse against women. This is the decade to eradicate gender based violence and abuse for good. Too many women have suffered emotional, physical, verbal and economic abuse, and this is our time to rise up and end this phenomenon once and for all.

Gender based violence is rooted in our society from gender stereotypes and gender discrimination. The best way to address the eradication of gender based violence is through prevention. Preventing abuse by teaching our children from a very young age what a respectful relationship should be and creating a space for appreciation for the opposite gender is essential in eradicating this type of abuse.

Through education many societal constructs can be broken down and new ways of viewing each other can be reconstructed ensuring a generation is developed who not only values and respects each other but allows each other to thrive.

By allowing information and awareness of gender based violence to filter itself into a variety of places and reach a variety of people in the world, education of this phenomenon will grow and will lead to a world where gender based violence and abuse is no longer a devastating global occurrence.

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